OCR Strong has been working with Legendborne to bring their amazing quality jerseys and clothing to Canada.

Their quality is second to none as many obstacle course racers and mud runners are gravitating to this brand because they hold up to the rigorous beating that we as racers go through almost every weekend.

Enjoy!  We have.


When you own a LegendBorne jersey you quickly realize that you may never need to buy 
another racing jersey again unless you want to change the design.
  They are shockingly durable.  I’ve been stopped dead in my tracks after getting
the jersey snagged on barbed wire during low crawl obstacles,
and the jersey has zero damage.  This is not an exaggeration!
I have a jersey that’s been through approximately 20 OCR events and it looks brand new. 
They breathe and wick very well and when you combine
this with the durability, you have an epic racing jersey.  
The art team will also help you come up with the perfect design and colors. 
"-Yancy Culp"