1.5" Poly-Dacron Black Climbing ropes.

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Everyone knows that one of the basic training tools for body fitness is a long rope climbing rope. 

From simple rig grip ropes to the long climb, these ropes are the best choice for durability  

We have started to manufacture these ropes here in Canada for events, athletes and re-sellers.

Each rope comes with a metal hangar attached to the rope for easy setup.

Our commitment to safety and durability is always in the forefront when making these. We had these ropes tested and out of 3 testings each was able to handle over 5,000 lbs. Which tells you that they will withstand any person using these rope.

Please contact us if you wish to become a reseller of these ropes to ocrstrong@gmail.com

Freee shipping on orders of 4 units or more. Please contact us for bulk shipping.